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Update: We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Godspeed track in this hackathon is Team Guardian. Here is their video demonstrating how they used and benefitted from Godspeed.

We are pleased to announce our first community partnership with Hack the Mountains (HTM))

A little about Godspeed

Using our low code microservice framework you can make excellent, high quality microservices in minutes or hours, where it could take you weeks.

At Godspeed, our vision is to empower millions of developers and teams across the world, so that they can create world class products, easier, faster and better. We provide world’s first holistic, low code distributed computing solution. Video

Once you learn basic engineering concepts and Godspeed, you will be making world class backends, with the level of productivity and effortlessness, that you have never experienced. Whether you are new to development or experienced, you will bypass many hurdles as compared to learning and implementation by yourself. This is proven with the work done at our clients, like Pinelabs, Chai, Almamet, Kunbah

We are bootstrapped company. As of the date of this post, we have adoption from paying clients that sustain our growth. We are growing our team. And also started to build the network of trained professionals (community & marketplace). And this could include you too!

About the Godspeed track @ HTM

Godspeed is offering an exciting track for the hackathon where the teams which build their apps using Godspeed to make their backend, can win exciting prizes, internships, goodies and other benefits.

Prizes and benefits for selected track winners

There could be any number of winners. And entries will be classified as good or excellent.

  • Cash prize of INR 15,000 to the best entry, and INR 5000 to all excellent entries
  • Godspeed credits up to INR 10,00,000 for your future startup. INR 10 lacs to all the excellent entries, and INR 5 lacs to the good entries. This should be sufficient amount to give your startup’s backend development a nitrous boost for two years. For foreign country entries, country wise parity will be applied. American and European countries will get five times this reward, given their price parity.
  • Internship offer with Godspeed Remote internship, part time/full time, with certificate, monthly stipend of INR 5000/10000, possible PPO within three to six months. This will be extremely useful to gain professional experience in developing and marketing I.T. products in various roles like development, testing, content creation, developer evangelism, marketing, sales etc. You can choose your main mix for your internship. Note: Internship offers will go through an interview process for mutual evaluation.
  • Cloud engineering training & certification: All winning entries will get free entry into our cloud engineering training from Octobe where you will not only learn concepts of cloud engineering, but also a certification as a cloud engineer. This will give you the essential knowledge you need in your profession throughout your lifetime. You will learn from the best in the world. It will give your career a kickstart of many years. This value of this program is Infinite. People clarge thousands of $$ while rarely giving such quality. You will get this for free, while the others who join later, may have to invest a certain sum for the same.
  • Certification and paid work, as Godspeed consultant. Once you become a certified consultant, you will open up a new source of income for you, for lifetime. You can get registered on Godspeed’s professional marketplace as a professional. You will start getting projects through us or from the marketplace. You can start to earn money and reputation from from your projects and solutions. You can do it part, time full time and as you please, with your independence. It will add great a weightage to your professional profile and resume.
  • Announcement on Godspeed forum and LinkedIn page.
  • Invitation for online, public talk and session
  • Tshirts, stickers and other swags

Getting started

  • Read up the Godspeed documentation

  • Get started with your first Godspeed project in few steps. Run it. Make changes. Practise sample projects.

  • Join the Godspeed forum on Discord for any QnA, help in troubleshooting, plus hearing announcements.

  • You should know and demonstrate adaptation and best practices on concepts like

    • The REST standard
    • Request validation using JSON schema standard
    • Open API 3 (OAS3, also called Swagger) documentation standard (For API schema)
    • Prisma ORM for setting your DB schema + concepts of relational/non-relational databases
    • Git
    • You will need to know YAML and one or more of Javascript, Typescript, Coffeescript for programming in Godspeed.
    • Nodejs knowledge is useful, but not a must. Godspeed is built on Nodejs.

How to submit

Step 1. Star the getting started repo

Give a star to the getting started repo. Spread the love :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The Link of the getting started repo will be provided before the beginning of the Hackathon. This is to track who all are making the submissions.

Step 2: Fork the repo

Fork and rename the getting started repository in the format: HTM22: <Repo_name>

Step 3: Start hacking

Ideally, make sure all tests pass, and that the documentation has sample request response examples, with proper schema and code. This will help Godspeed auto validate your inputs to the APIs.

Next steps: Within three days after the hackathon, i.e. by 21st September 11:59 PM

Step4: Create a blog/vlog

  • Within three days post the Hackathon, create a screencast video on youtube, and a blog, explaining what you made, how you made it, the best practices you followed, in how much time you built it. The video should
    • Take through the code of your project.
    • Show its working APIs via Postman call.
    • Show the generated Swagger documentation
    • Show the test cases passing.

Step 4: Fill in the submission form

  • Please fill up the form provided at the start of the Hackathon.
  • Along with your basic details like team name, email, phone etc, you will be asked to provide your
    • Working Github repo link. Make sure it is public.
    • Video link
    • Blog link

Evaluation criteria

Winner entries will be classified as good or excellent. Accordingly prizes and offers will be given.

  • For counting winners of this track, its ok if you have not been able to create a full UI.
  • Anyone making a reasonably complete backend implementation will count as a winner.
  • The higher the adoption of good programming practices and Godspeed featureset, the more will be the points scored by you.
  • Needless to say, your test cases should pass.
  • You are allowed to make changes or improvements to your repo, till you submit your form by September 21st, 11:59 PM.

Declaration of results

  • Results shall be announced by 25th September.
  • The winners will be notified by the HTM team. Your names will be announced in this forum, discord, on LinkedIn, with link to your repositories, blogs and videos. Our team and community will applaud and share the winning projects in their network.

For any questions, whether related to this track, Godspeed or as wide as your career or technology, feel free to reach us on the ‘general’ Discord channel. Or register on this forum itself, comment to this post, or create a new post as you deem fit. This forum and Discord channel is yours for the taking! Make it your own place to find community for your career growth!

Do share this track with your friends and share love <3

Wishing you the best for your journey.